İzmir Car Rental


İzmir Car Rental

We have vehicles in many different segments for our customers who want to benefit from our Izmir Car Rental service. There are many different places to see in İzmir which has a great selection in terms of touristic as well as a long coastline at the same time. The summer months are quite hot, as it is unlikely to see below zero in the Mediterranean climate. This brings Izmir to an important position in summer tourism.

Our customers who want to rent a car in Izmir can choose one of the options at both the airport and the office. Our customers who choose airport delivery are met at the exit of the airport and the vehicle is delivered without losing any time. All you need to do is to choose Izmir from the Heeycar homepage when choosing a location.


Yenişehir District. Bakü Street No: 6/52 Arma Residence Pendik – Kurtköy İSTANBUL

T:+90 850 811 76 56

T:+90 545 347 82 02

T: For English +90 545 347 82 05


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