Full Insurance Car Rental


Full Insurance Car Rental

Full Insurance Car Rental

Rent a car with full insurance is one of the most curious issues of our customers. Because some companies do not give any assurance in case of damage, customers can be forced to pay thousands of pounds. With its transparent policies, HeeyCar helps customers rent vehicles safely.

As HeeyCar, we do not wish any of our customers to crash. Unfortunately, sometimes undesirable situations can occur. When a car is crashed, drivers may panic and worry about an additional charge.

In the event of an accident, the standard procedure is applied. Insurance companies need the report of accident, so all you need is to take a crash report immediately after the accident. Our customers do not need to pay any fees after the report is kept. Also  the driver must not engage in illegal activities such as racing and should not be under the influence of any drugs. If the rental process continues, then a new car in  the same class as the rented car will be delivered instead of the crashed vehicle.


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