7 People Car Rental


7 People Car Rental

7 People Car Rental

People who want to rent a car for 7 people may have difficulty in finding such vehicles. Especially those who want to travel between cities in the summer months prefer to use the wide range of cars. In such large vehicles, both the number of passengers can be increased and more luggage can be transported. Therefore, it provides a comfortable experience on long roads. One of the most important advantages of a large car rental is a comfortable journey. In cases where the number of people is lees than seven, it is possible to increase the luggage capacity of the seats. However, those who want to rent large cars usually have to pay high prices. We always offer the best prices for a wide range of vehicles in HeeyCar. With our full insurance covered vehicles, you can start off with peace of mind and enjoy the HeeyCar quality.

Our 7-person vehicles are always new models, just like our other vehicles. Maintenance of our vehicles are done in certain periods of the year and just in time, before being delivered to the customer is meticulously cleaned. Our customers are only enjoying the journey.


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