About Us

Car hire operations have become a necessity for many people. Especially during important times such as holidays, business trips, meetings, conferences, wedding and engagement organizations, many people have emergency vehicle needs. For this reason, our company car leasing vehicle needs to customers who need to complete important deficiencies. We have all the necessary information about the vehicles to be rented on our site and it is possible to access a lot of information in the car rental rules.

Our mission

In our car rental sector,  one of our biggest tasks to provide comfort to our customers with our quality vehicles and to deliver the vehicles with the needs in time and to make up for the shortcomings. Our mission is to provide solutions and confidence with our quality, safe and disciplinary working conditions.

Our vision

Our mission is to serve as a serious company in our sectoral work in the international area and throughout the country and to be at the top of our company when it comes to car rental sector.

Car Rental Services

Customers who want to rent a car can see the list of vehicles that can be rented on the homepage of our site when they login to site. The properties of the vehicles are specified separately for all the vehicles in this list and the customers can make their choice by looking at the properties of the vehicles. 

Our customers can lease the vehicles they want to rent through the site and easily receive our vehicles from our existing offices. Once we have delivered our tools to our customers, the check-back process can take place through our existing offices. All of our vehicles are insured and we are making the notification to our customers who will lease our basic rules in car leasing transactions. Among our rules that we have notified in our car rental operations are that our customers do not use cars with alcohol and that no one other than the car leaser use the car.

Rent a Car is Easy With Our Site

Since our site serves on the basis of membership, our customers who are members of our site can benefit from vehicles faster than with any car rental situation. In the categories of vehicles and prices, there are rental fees for all vehicles and related vehicles. In this section, our customers are able to identify the appropriate cars. We provide information on frequently asked questions and topics that our customers often want to learn. In the communication section, we have contact addresses and telephones for the shortest way to communicate with us.

Car Rental Parameters

With the car rental parameter on our homepage, our customers are receiving quality information about the car rental in terms of day and fare. Depending on the number of days between the dates specified by the reception location and the return location section, the rental prices are automatically notified to our customers. The return location where the vehicle is delivered indicates the date when the vehicles were delivered by our customers. y in the sector in terms of car rental with the reasons of quality, meticulous and disciplined services that we have presented.
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