Rental Agreement


With this contract the lessor ERSEZ iNŞAAT TURZ. OTO SAN. VE TIC. LTD. Tl. Has agreed to rent the vehicle described in this contract (here referred as the vehicle) to the renter whose name and address are given the renter agrees to declare and to verify that the wehicle will be used pursuant to the conditions (rental period return station etc.) Stipulated in the contract pay the rental amount and accept the present general sales conditions By signing this contract (he Renter agrees on the rosponsibilities related to him/herself and all responsibilities that may arise from his/her actions All notifications sent to the adress stated by the renter are considered valid. 

1-That the Renter will return the vehicle with complete Set of tyres (5 tyres) documents, accessories and equipment to ERSEZ station in the own where the said wehicle was rented latest by the date All extension request must be made to the lessor and said approval is required. 

2-That the Renter agrees the vehicle was received in working and good conditions and that there are no traces of damage of accident on the vehicle (except orthose stipulated on the rental agreement. 

3-That the vehicle used by the Renter and indicated here above is covered by collision insurance in accordance with the law The vehicle is also insured against property damage, fire and then The Renter's responsibilities may change according to the vehicle group This informations is provided in the tariff This responsibility may be waived by the Renter by making and additional payment per day depending upon the vehicle group, However. the renter is responsible for paying the full damage that occours on the vehicles bodwork as a result of a bridge, balcony, tree brunch or any other oject located above such height, evanthough the Renter may have purchased collision Damage Waiver (CDW) Apart from this. The Renter accepts the responsibility for damage to the vehicle and the accompanying costs under the following conditions eventhough the CDW is purchased a-if the licensed driver is under the influence of alcohol and or drugs, b-if the legal speed limit is violated (the accident report stipulates that the speed). c-if a traffic accident and alcohol report is not obtained. d-if the vehicle is driven in violation of traffic regulations. 

4-That the vehicle shall not be operated in the following manner. a-To carry passengers or property for a consideration express or implied b-To propel or tow any vehicle or trailer. c-To transport goods in violation of Customs Regulations or in any other illegal manner, d-By any person driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs. e-To carry any equipment or load that exceeds the vehicle's capacity and damages the vehicle. f-in motorsports events including racing, pacemaking, rallying, reliability and speed testing, g-On road conditions against the appropriateness of the vehicle technical specifications described by the producer or on off road. 

5-That the vehicle, a.Shall be driven by the person whosen name appears who has in possession of a drivers license or a minimurr length of I (one) year the licence number must be indicated. b.The driver shall be over the minimum requirements which are staled in the Driver's Licence and age limits section of the General Rental Terms and Conditions tariff. c.The vehicle can also be driven by the person an who are registered on the contract at the beginning of the rental period and meet the conditions this contract. d-The renter is responsible for ensuring that any person who is allowed to drive the rental vehicle fully complies with all the conditions of this contract. 

6-That the renter is rosponsible for meeting all costs mentioned below a.The rental amount calculated on a daily basis according to the current price list. b.The renter is responsible for paying of demend Collision Damage Waiver (if any) Theft protection (if any) tho applicable One-Way Fee (if any) and the taxes as determined by law Due to the fact that the vehicle tall be returned with a full tank of petrol Otherwise, tho refueling and service charge will be demanded from the renter. the event of an accident, if the renter has not purchased CDW the renter is responsible for paying the cost of damage. d)in the event of an accident, if the renter has received a fine for driving under the influence of alcohol and/or drugs or any other violent behavior (trafic excessive, speed etc.) The Lessor has the right to ask for the full cost of repairs and all costs incurred there of the begining of the rental a deposit just above the original rental amount will be collected from the enter. e) If the vehicle is stolen and the renter has not purchased Theft protection (TP) the renter is responsible paying the updated cost of the stolen vehicle or for any it components fully.

7-This Renter agress further to protect the interests of the Lessor and its insurance company in case of an accident by taking all the necessary precautions by. a. Obtaining names and addressers of parties involved andof Witnesses b.ln the events of a two-way accident obtainning) photocopies of the drivers licenses registration and traffic insurance-policies, the necessary information (driver licence number, where the license was issued, traffic isurance policy number and the name of the insurance company etc.) of all the parties involved c.Not abandoning liability or fault. d.Not abandoning the vehicle without making sure its safe and secured. e.Notifying the police immediately if any indicidual has been injured, dead or damage which has been involved in the accident. f.Forwarding the accident report to ERSEZ station where the vehicle was originally collected within 24 hours.

8-That the Lessor cannot be held responsible for the lose or damage to the personal belongings of the renter let, or transported in the vehicle the renter hereby cannot take any action against lessor from any of the above stated matters like charges complaints.

9-That the vehicle is not used the renter is responsible for taking all necessary precautions by locking the doors and parking in a safe place to prevent the vehicle from theft and stopping the vehicle from causing any accident. If the vehicle is stolen, the renter will not be responsible if TP (Theft protection) insurance is bought. TP insurance will be valid only if it is proved that all necessary security prcautions were taken and the officials are informed.

10-The since the Lessor is not the manufacturer of the vehicle it cannot be hele responsible for any loss or injury that may occur due to any mechanical production failure related to the vehicle or any of its components of for any other reason,

11-All kinds of property and medical expenses for either the passengers in the car or the third parties has limits that are described in the compulsory Thirt Party Liability Insurance policy. The renter is responsible for amounts exceeding the above mentioned limits.

12-That the Renter has the full responsibility of the other passengers and cargo carried

13-That the Renter must obey the traffic regulations and the law force. The driver or Renter cannot declare ignorance of these responsibilities. The Renter is responsible for any fines or expenses that may arise from violations of these regulations.

14-That if the renter does not comply with any the causes of this contract in particular. If the vehicle is not returned on the agreed date. The Renter recognises the Lessor's right to take back the aforementioned vehicle without prior notification. The Lessor is not considered liable far any damage or expenses that may occur during the vehicle's collection.The Lessor is not considered liable for the loss or damage to any bciongings of the renter during the collection of the vehicle. However the Lessor will take all necessary precautions to safe guard the Interests of the Renter.

15-That should the Renter purchase Accident Insurance the Renter shall obtain full coverange under the terms of the policy. a-Help the passengers involved in the accident. b-In the event that vehicle becomes inoperable the exchange of tho vehicle and other advantages

16-The invoices shall be paid cash upon receipt it case of non payment The monthly interest rate at the time will be charged over the outstading amount,

17-That any addition or alteration to these terms and conditions will not be valid unless agreed officially in written format by both parties.

18-That the Renter agrees on paying monthly penalty of 15 % on top of the original bill amount for the delay in payment without prior notice,

19-That the Renter agrees ERSEZ is entitled to have the provisional distrant and precautionary measures taken unless the total bill is due.

20-in this long-term agreement covered by law 2918 and paragraph 3 the deemed to be acting as the undertaker party, All disputes arising from this agreement will be settled by courts Istanbul. 


When we receive your reservation, our vehicle status is checked according to your reservation information and you are given a negative response on the same day.

Confirmation of your reservation
When your reservation is confirmed, you will be informed by email or phone. Therefore, please make sure that the contact information you provide is correct and complete.

Driver Information -
The driver can be defined as a driver who meets the driver age and driver's license requirements specified on the vehicle details page at the reservation stage of our site. They must declare a driver's license at the time of vehicle delivery from the driver and additional drivers. . Car insurance and insurance will be null and void in case of damages that may occur if people who are not mentioned in the rental contract use the vehicle.

Delivery points
Free delivery service is provided to vehicle delivery airport and the BU. Extra fees are charged for different locations within the city or outside the city.
Payment info
Collateral Fee: Collateral (credit card blockage) can also be applied in some cases other than vehicle rental fee. The collateral amounts varying between TL 500 and TL 2000 according to vehicle groups are applied to the tenant's personal credit card at the beginning of the lease. In case that there is no traffic fines registered for any damages or your name in the vehicle, these blocked amounts are canceled within 14 working days at the latest.

Kilometer Usage Limits
Our vehicles use fair mileage principle. For further usage, you can contact our call center for information.

Contract Amendments
Early Return: If the vehicle is returned before the departure date after the start of the lease, the price is recalculated according to the number of days the vehicle will be used. Due to the cancellation of our agreement and the vehicle being idle, the remaining amount will be refunded by credit card, account or cash in cash. Return Date Change: If the rental period is longer than the reservation date of the car after the lease starts, the system will re-calculate it with the current price. The amount of the resulting credit card will be collected in cash from the account via bank transfer or in return. No-Show Application: If the vehicle is not picked up after the departure time of your aircraft or at the delivery time indicated in the reserve or after checking the flight number you give, the vehicle will go to No-show status after waiting 1 hour and no vehicles from any group will be guaranteed. Your no-show reservation will be canceled at the end of 2 hours. Cancellation and Refund Application: Reservations can be canceled 24 hours prior to the reservation date and no charge will be charged to you in such a case. In case of cancellation without any justification, your customer registration is taken to the black list in our system and your next leasing needs will not be answered positively.

Other situations

As our insurance does not apply outside the borders of Turkey, our vehicles are forbidden to be taken out of the border with Turkey. Please check the delivery form and contract.
Your rental car reservation is approved for your vehicle group and no brand and / or model warranty is given.

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